Iranian Live fresh water Crayfish

Iranian Live fresh water Crayfish


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November 1997, when first historical shipment of Iranian live Crayfish ( Astacus Leptodactylus) landed in Europe nobody could believe that distinctive size, color, taste and liveliness of the crayfish that strongly effected by pure, nutrition unpolluted waters of Southern Caspian region can provide such an source of natural goodness

More than two years latter this region is not only famous for Iranian Caviar but Iranian live fresh water Crayfish

Dedicated, professional exporters of Iranian live Crayfish, work to the very highest standards of innovation, quality and service in supplying our clients in Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and other traditional connoisseurs of high quality. Why Iranian Crayfish? firstly to ensure the color, size and taste is to our precise specification. secondly to service the suppliers of Europe with weekly deliveries of live, vivid, tasty Iranian live fresh water properly packed. Our packages come in 5 kg polystyrene by following specification

Five to Ten Pcs per kg

Ten to Fifteen Pcs per kg

Fifteen to twenty Pcs per kg

 Since then Bahoo Khazar Co. and formerly Chancho Co. has been exporting live fresh water Crayfish to many destination in Europe and has been rewarded  as the best exporter of province in many years by ministry of agriculture

We do not distribute Live Crayfish in the domestic market (Iran) and is just for exportation purpose