SHILAT Beluga Caviar Grade 2 (50gr)

SHILAT Beluga Caviar Grade 2 (50gr)

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Physically, this is the largest sturgeon and simultaneously the only predatorin the family. The beluga is remarkably strong vigorous large mouthed and perpetually nomadic, stubbornly following its prey, shoals of whitefish. It can measure up to 6meter in length and may weigh over 1000 kg. The normal size specimen range from 40 to 300 kg and yields about 15% of its weight in caviar. Beluga caviar, light to dark grey, is highly esteemed due to its medium sized granules and delicate skin: A taste you will never forget.

You don’t really need a special occasion for caviar; it is a special occasion in itself. Nevertheless it does befit those rather “Uncommon place” events such as state receptions, luxuries dinners a deux or more, coronation festivities and victory celebrations, intimate breakfasts in bed and prestigious cocktail parties.